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Carreira in Loco is a project that developed by NEDC promotes visits by FGV students to companies in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, with the intention of providing them with real experiences in the corporate universe, in institutions of different segments and sizes, and expansion of their professional contact networks.

Check out the testimonials of students and collaborators!


Coordinator of the Internship and Career Development Center at FGV

"Carreira in Loco is a program that FGV's Internship and Career Development Center created in 2015 with the aim of providing undergraduate students with a unique and concrete experience in the corporate universe and the expansion of their professional contact networks. We promote face-to-face visits to companies of different sizes and segments in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

We were very happy when the FGV EBAPE coordination decided to incorporate the program into one of the Special Topics in Administration weeks in the first half of 2019, at the request of the DAA!

The trip to São Paulo was very productive! Both the companies that received us and the students were extremely satisfied with the interaction promoted, the moments of learning and a lot of networking. It is a valid experience for all who seek more concrete information on the areas of activity of the Administrator and on the technical and behavioral skills that must be developed throughout the course to build a successful career.

The companies visited in 2019 were: B2W Digital, Credit Suisse, Cubo Itaú, Facebook, Google, IBM, Inovabra Habitat, Ipiranga, Nubank, Viacom, WeWork and XP Investimentos. "


Academic Coordinator of the Bachelor of Business Administration Course 2018-2020

"The" Career in loco "project of the Internship and Career Development Center, carried out in partnership with the Academic Directorate of Administration at FGV and with the Academic Coordination of the course, allowed our students to interact with administrating managers from different organizations, enabling to analyze and understand what are the skills necessary to assume an appropriate professional conduct with the incitement of the labor market.

It is believed that, after this experience, our students feel restless and provoked to reflect on the new profile of the administrator in the face of the triad of technology, processes and people, in addition to the importance of becoming agents of change, and above all, aware of the context in which they live. that will be inserted with opportunities and limitations inherent to the “corporate world”. "


Undergraduate Student at FGV EBAPE

"The class trip to São Paulo was an unforgettable experience and a watershed for me, I believe for others as well. I finally came to be sure of my choice of the Administration course and I still found out that I identify with Finance. I believe that most students had an awakening from the reality that there is a vast, diverse and competitive market waiting for us.

The number and diversity of companies we visited was essential to show that our workplace options are unlimited, varying by sector, company size, organizational culture (some more formal and others less) and so on.

The time of the trip was also very propitious, since it occurred at the beginning of the training, giving us more time to prepare for the area we want to pursue, but at the same time it was not very early, given that in the first year of college we have very little sense of what administration is like as a course and career. "

Maria Eduarda Barbosa

Undergraduate Student at FGV EBAPE

"The trip to São Paulo was certainly one of the best experiences we had during college! We, who were from DAA at the time, tried to schedule visits to the companies most requested by students, and together with the FGV careers team we managed to do so.

The week we spent there was a success! FGV always provides us with lectures with great managers, but watching these people in the place where everything happens is an extremely valuable experience!"

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