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FGV EBAPE entrance exam

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Every entrance exam must be kept up to date and informed about the exam and the course of choice. For this reason, the Academic Directory has gathered some links with important directions for those who will try to enter the best business faculty in Latin America.

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Students with social scholarship, for merit in ENEM and in the entrance exam, tell their experience and give tips


My experience studying for the Enem exam was very focused on building a writing model that would guarantee a high grade regardless of the topic, as well as a very big focus for the math exam, studying all the main subjects of the exam and doing many exercises. The focus was on these two themes as they are the themes with the highest discrepancy in grades, so where grades have the highest value. Other than that for the other subjects I reviewed all the last years of the Enem tests to learn patterns of themes and answers.



The scholarship I got through the EBAPE entrance exam meant a watershed in my life. I had never lived in Rio de Janeiro and I never imagined myself here, but having this opportunity made a big difference in my life, because I managed to get out of my comfort zone completely. It was and I saw it being incredible. There were many falls in this trajectory but there were also many good things. Having this scholarship is the definition of many of my dreams and I am very proud of it. I certainly studied hard to be where I am, redoing the old tests helped me a lot. He always tried to imitate the style of the race, even timing the time. In the end, everything was worth it and I know that I am only studying at FGV in Rio de Janeiro thanks to all the opportunities that my life and EBAPE have given me.



My preparation process for the FGV entrance exam was very focused on the math test and the writing, because the objective part I was already studying for ENEM. As my goal was to get a 100% scholarship, after qualifying, I had to put together a letter of motivation, in which I found it important to tell my educational trajectory, making a link with why I wanted and deserved the scholarship. In addition, I approached a little about the fit of my values with the foundation and how I could repay to FGV if I won the scholarship.

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