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We at DAA are extremely happy with your decision and look forward to your arrival. We know that entering a new university can be confusing, so we have separated some basic information and directions to make your classes start more smoothly.

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To help you get started, we made a Student Manual , compiling information and explanations about: Daily Tools, The New Grade, Class Representative, CR and Top CR, Absences, Substitutive Assessments, Failure, Restaurants and several other tips for you your experience at EBAPE is even better!

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In addition, as you may already know, the EBAPE curriculum is somewhat different. Our subjects have a duration of 1 month, with a week of Special Topics in Administration among them. This week, we discussed different and specific topics that help us in our administrative career. You can find more details about the curriculum in Curricular Structure.

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Know that EBAPE as a whole is very available to assist you throughout your academic journey! In addition to the DAA (Academic Administration Directory), we have the NAP (Pedagogical Support Center), responsible for the pedagogical and psychopedagogical support to students and the NEDC (Internships and Development Center), which will ensure that you have resources that help them process of insertion and / or reintegration into the labor market.



The sponsorship program works by bringing freshmen and veterans together. In this way, all freshmen receive at the beginning of college a veteran as a godfather or godmother to help them both in academic matters, such as doubts and tips, and in socializing with the other EBAPE students.

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