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Learn more about the entities that the students work with!

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FGV Jr. Consultoria & Finanças is a non-profit company currently formed by students from the Administration, Economics, Law and Applied Mathematics courses at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. In addition to helping micro and small entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, FGV Jr. aims to train its members and prepare them for the job market. All of this in an environment of unity, cooperation and motivation!

The company is divided into 5 areas: Projects, Commercial, Marketing, Management and Legal-Financial. In the day-to-day life of the entity, the consultants carry out specific tasks in their areas and, all of them, at some point during the management, are part of the team of a Project sold that, in the future, may change the client's life.

Instagram: @fgvjr

Facebook: Fgv Jr.

LinkedIn: Fgv Jr. Consultoria e Finanças



Phone: +55 21 3799-5458

We are a family owned and operated business.


Atlética FGV RJ is a non-profit student organization that aims to spread the practice of sports and integration among students of the Foundation. For this, we promote weekly sports training and several events such as Gorila Frat House, University Games, FGV Cup, Sports Marketing Workshops and Jungle Project!

Learn more about our role in our social networks!
Instagram: @goriladafgv

Facebook: Atlética FGV RJ

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FGValley is an entity that seeks to foster entrepreneurship within FGV-Rio and create an entrepreneurial ecosystem, seeking to generate impact for members and all students of the institution with events and projects. Currently, this league is responsible for several activities, namely:
-Organize Entrepreneurial Wheels with big names in the market.
-Realize Workshops and training to improve the training of members.
- Visits to companies for greater contact with the business environment.
-Projects to put all members' learning into practice.

Instagram: @fgvalley


Phone: +55 21 99867-3402


FGV + is the student body responsible for promoting social activities within the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. Created in 2016 with the aim of uniting the will to promote social change with the application of theoretical knowledge, the members of the entity carry out (i) consultancies to the third sector, providing free guidance to NGOs,
social institutions and associations that generate positive impacts on society, but that face internal management problems, whether with marketing, people and / or financial management; and (ii) specific actions, in which monthly fundraising and volunteer activities are organized for members of the entity, students and FGV employees and even outsiders. Thus, we seek to create opportunities for agents of social change through creative, effective and effective actions and projects.

Instagram: @fgvmais

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Amplia is a pre-university entrance exam aimed at students who want to enter FGV Law and Administration courses. The project was founded in 2017 by graduates from FGV Direito Rio. Since then, more than 60 low-income students have participated in the pre-university entrance exam. We added approvals in law and social sciences at FGV, in addition to students approved at other universities in Rio de Janeiro, such as UERJ, UFRJ and UFRRJ.

Our team consists of undergraduate students from FGV and volunteer teachers. We aim to expand academic opportunities, contributing to greater diversity and socioeconomic inclusion at FGV Rio. Our dream is to equate opportunities for access to higher education!
Instagram: @ampliafgv
Facebook: Expand fgv
LinkedIn: Expands fgv



The Financial Market League - FGV Rio was created to try to supply the need for experience and knowledge of FGV students who wish to enter the Financial Market. Our mission is to differentiate our members within the faculty, boosting their professional trajectories in this segment. To this end, we have developed an internal training that addresses the fundamental areas and knowledge of the Market, as well as the study of Corporate Finance. In order to put into practice all the knowledge acquired, we promoted in all periods an Internal Challenge based on the analysis of a listed company, in addition to participation in External Challenges organized by several financial institutions.

Instagram: @lmfgvrio

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A university debate society is an entity whose objective is to bring together students from different courses to debate different topics, both among themselves, and with students from other universities. The FGV Debating Society (SDGV) debates competitively, that is, its members go to debate tournaments in various places in the country and the world (in person or online) and win, through their arguments, titles for college.
Among the various skills exercised and improved in the competitive debate, arguments, logical reasoning and empathy stand out. For a debater, the debate is an opportunity to exchange ideas, to meet new and interesting people and to compete!

Instagram: @sdgvdebates

Facebook: SDGVdebate




Veterano is a weekly student journal created by FGV EPGE students in the year 2020. Its mission is to disseminate quality information through texts of various types to FGV students, teachers and employees. The Veteran then appears with the objective of bringing the journalistic text closer to FGV's student environment through a digital version updated weekly with texts by members of the organization on the most diverse subjects; among them economics, politics, culture, international affairs, history, among others. Our ordinary editions come out every Wednesday, except for a test week.

It is important to note that, while O Veterano belongs to FGV EPGE, it is open to students from all FGV schools. We hope everyone will like the content and see more business students in our next selection process.

Instragram: @jornaloveterano

Facebook: Jornaloveterano



Twitter: Jornaloveterano

Youtube: The Veteran Newspaper

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Ágora is a student magazine created at FGV Direito Rio. Founded in 2014, its mission is to create a fertile space for new thinkers and new ideas.

We want to demystify knowledge in the university environment, eliminating unnecessary formalism and democratizing the power of expression. We came to fill the vacuum of the absence of a serious and at the same time accessible means of communication, made by and for those who want to know and do more.

Instagram: @revistagora
Facebook: revistaagorafgv


The League of M&A aims to bring the mergers and acquisitions market closer to FGV graduates, in order to expand the networking of members and acquire knowledge and experience with the study of the area. The entity is divided into three projects. The Marketing project is responsible for the promotion and social networks of the M&A League. The Market Relations project is in charge of establishing contact with professionals in the area, aiming to schedule biweekly meetings to exchange knowledge. The Research and Innovation project is responsible for the search for educational material and updating, contributing to the study of all members.
No prior knowledge of corporate law is required to become a member of the M&A League. We are interested in people who are engaged and who want, together with the rest of the League members, to acquire knowledge. The League is open to answer any questions.

Instagram: @ lmna.fgv

Facebook: LM&A FGV- Rio.

LinkedIn: LM&A FGV- Rio.


The Public Policy Innovation Laboratory is an entity of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation composed of students from the institution. The objective of the LAB is to encourage public debate in order to encourage and motivate creative and innovative initiatives to the public sector. In addition, the team that makes up the entity seeks to study and understand the debates on the agenda in the public environment to offer possible remedies to obstacles.

The LAB, at the same time, promises to make the main themes and current discussions accessible, seeking to ensure transparency between civil society and the public sector. It is important for society to know in which spheres it can act and what are its possible attributions, as civilians, facing public policies.
Instagram: @ lab.ipp
Facebook: lab.ipp

Twitter: @redelabipp



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