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Pôr do sol e futebol


The lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro is light and relaxed, as one of the largest and most famous cities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro pleases all styles. The city has several daily and night leisure activities, an exuberant nature with beautiful beaches, forests and mountains, several museums and cultural tours, beautiful architecture that recalls its period as the country's capital in the colonial era and, mainly, the welcoming of Brazilian people, a happy and welcoming people. In 2016, UNESCO declared the city a World Heritage Site for its Cultural Landscape. In addition, the warm, humid tropical maritime climate, varying throughout the year between 20 and 35 degrees on average, makes it possible to enjoy the beach lifestyle during every month.



We are a family owned and operated business.

Rio de Janeiro is divided into zones, with FGV located in the South Zone. Thus, it is possible to live in other zones and study at FGV without any major problems, but we recommend that you look for a house in that zone for more practicality on day.

FGV has a partnership with a student building in Flamengo called Uliving Rio , in which it is possible to rent different types of rooms at an affordable price, making many exchange students from Rio de Janeiro and regular students from different colleges choose to live there. However, it is also possible for the exchange student to look for a room or apartment elsewhere in the city.

Next are the neighborhoods in the South Zone, some relevant information for each and the position in the rental price ranking (1 being the most expensive and 8 being the cheapest). It is noteworthy that not all neighborhoods in the south zone were included. Therefore, these will be classified as “Neighborhoods adjacent to the neighborhoods that will be highlighted below, considering similarity of characteristics and similarity of location to each other. (Rudder, glory, orange, humaitá, gávea)


Has subway: yes
Has beach: yes, but it is not recommended to go into the sea
Distance to college by car: 5 minutes
Neighborhood HDI: 0.959
Price ranking position: 7
Adjoining neighborhood: Laranjeiras

Desfile de Carnaval


Brazil is a result of the miscegenation of people from all over the world and its culture reflects this very well. Known as a cheerful and welcoming people, Brazilians have the traditional festivals of their country as carnival , the June party and many others. Within the typical dishes, the main influences come from its indigenous, African and European roots. In addition, as it is a continental country, Brazil has a great diversity of internal cultures, varying according to the region and its historical past.

We are a family owned and operated business.






"I loved college, where I had the chance to meet some incredible people and, hopefully, some friends for the rest of my life. In addition, the quality of the course was higher than I expected and I had an incredible introduction to the world of finance. Even during the pandemic, I had the opportunity to get to know the river, which is an incredible city in a country that I hope to explore further in the future. "

Thomas Winter, student at Bristol University, England

Amigos da faculdade


The buddy program is a program that brings together exchange students and regular students with similar characteristics so that there is a cultural exchange between the two. In addition, your buddy will help you with questions about Rio de Janeiro and the college, as well as tips on what to do in the city and company during your exchange.


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Information collected by EBAPE's International Relations department to facilitate your coming to Rio de Janeiro

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Find in this document information about deadlines, documents for enrollment in the exchange, visa, required proficiency (English and Portuguese), academic information (such as workload, change period, grades and history), calendar, Portuguese classes, accommodation, Buddy Program, health insurance, cost of living and more!

Find in this document information about FGV and FGV EBAPE, CPF, Online student, E-class and library, as well as information about Brazil (such as currency, travel within the country, climate, food, electricity) and information about Rio de Janeiro. January (such as arrival in the city, accommodation, health, transportation, shopping, restaurants and sights)


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